The Ultimate Business Planning Toolkit

cbCrunch is your complete solution for business strategic planning, project planning, team alignment, cost-benefit analysis, monitoring, and performance management.

Beat The Competition

  • Organize your business strategy and goals.
  • Understand benefits and cost.
  • Know the impact of your people availability and capacity.
  • Manage portfolios, programs, and projects.
  • Compare different execution scenarios.
  • Quickly run simulations to discover and understand risks.
  • Align strategy, initiatives, projects, programs, and resources.
  • Plan better as a team.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Plan.decide.monitor.
Strategic Planning
Business Strategic Planning

Know where you are going and how you are getting there.

Analyze costs and benefits
Financial Model. Analyze benefits and costs

Understand risks, break-even, profitability, options, uncertainty, and sensitive financial factors.

Evaluate Oppurtunities
Evaluate Trends, Markets, and Opportunities

Understand consumer, competition, market, industry, business, technology and other trends. Evaluate products, competitors, and opportunity.

Align resources with goals
Align resources with goals

Understand the resources needed to execute strategic initiatives. Breakdown resource needs by roles and workstreams.

Powerful Features

Complete Business Strategic Planning Services

Align projects with your strategic initiatives. Verify that each goal is measureable and have performance indicators and milestones.

Create financial models to analyze projects and reduce uncertainty. Use Monte Carlo, Break-even, Sensitivity, and other financial analysis to remove risk

Understand your human resource cost. Discover and monitor your capacity to execute your strategic initiatives

About Us

We are dedicated to providing the best business planning service

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organization Modeling
  • Financial Modeling and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Project, workstream, and Initiative Planning
  • Opportunity and Trend Analysis

Simulations This Hour


Roadmap to Success starts with cbCrunch

Define Goals

Discover your current internal, competitive, and external environment using our analysis tools. Create SMART goals and outcomes.


Add performance indicators and milestones to accurately monitor your roadmap


Create projects, programs, situations, opportunities and other initiatives that produce outcomes


Determine HOW to achieve the focused outcomes. Create multiple scenarios with different cost, duration, resource-levels, etc... Easily compare scenarios and options; then decide.

Monitor and pivot

Monitor initiatives. Measure success against pre-determined performance indicators and milestones. Update, pivot, and change based on trends and opportunity.


With reduced risk and collaborative feedback, decisions have a higher probability of success. Goals are within your reach with cbCrunch.


cbCrunch's Philosophy

The road to success is competitive, risky, and uncertain. We went into business to provide services that will minimize risk and provide visibility for decision makers. We believe in making the complex "ridiculously simple." We believe in building an extraordinary business planning platform with superior user experience.