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cbCrunch Incorporated

Companies around the world depend on cbCrunch to ensure that they meet their strategic goals.

We provide best practices, world class software, and consulting services that enable you to understand your options and decide the path that is best for you.

Our tools monitor your real-time strategic goals, projects, status, and resource allocation so that you can adjust and avoid risk.

We have the best software, processes, people, and consulting services to help you discover, plan, decide, execute, and monitor your strategic initiatives.

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We keep abreast of relevant trends and changes in project and strategic planning. There is art and science behind achieving goals. We focus on understanding strategy and goal achievement. We focus on all things related to achieving strategic goals. From discovering the business environment to doing cost/benefit analysis to decide the best path forward. We know how to minimize risk and choose the most efficient uncertain option.


We treat each client with dignity and respect. We listen attentively to their goals and needs. Every situation is unique with issues common to other situations. We listen to understand before we guide.


Our relationships with clients extend beyond strategic planning. We care. Your success is our success. Our clients are partners in our win-win relationship.

Why Us?

Using a strategic planning organization to manage your goals can be very rewarding. When the reputation, market penetration, growth of your company is on the line; gaining the right competitive edge is the easiest choice you can make.

cbCrunch has best-of-breed software. Our technology and people provide the most cost effective way to manage and achieve goals while minimizing risks. Understand your options and make the right decision. Achieving your goals is the ONLY option. Do what you can to get there on-time.

  • Strategic Consultancy Services

  • Strategic Training

  • Toolkit and Project Management Assistance

  • Monitoring Assistance

What People Say


The road to success is competitive, risky, and uncertain. We went into business to provide services that will minimize risk and provide visibility for decision makers. We believe in making the complex "ridiculously simple." We believe in building an extraordinary strategic planning platform with superior user experience.