Risk and Uncertainty

The Ultimate Strategic Planning Toolkit

Strategic Planning Benefit Toolkit

Optimize your strategic planning with the ultimate toolkit


Reduce risk and uncertainty

Reduce uncertainty and risk by asking "What If" and understanding probability.
1 Identify the high risk uncertain cost and benefits
2 Adjust the worst and best case values for each cost and benefit
3 Run tens of thousands of simulations instantly with one-click
Reduce risk and uncertainity
4 Review results of the analysis to understand risk and mitigation requirements
5 With greater certainty, understand how much contingency and reserve funds are required


Quickly create different versions of a cost-benefit analysis.
Copy, merge, and adjust cost and benefits from one version to another.
Select the version that allows you to reach your goal efficiently

Break-even Analysis.

Understand when your investment will turn positive.
How many months and how much money will be required to break-even.
Break-even Analysis