Cost Analysis

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Strategic Planning Cost Benefit Toolkit

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cbCrunch Cost Analysis

Truly understand your costs
  • Organize your strategy and goals
  • Understand and model benefits and opportunity cost
  • Manage your people allocation, project demand, and staff profiles
  • Model and analyze costs including tenders and RFP.
  • Manage portfolios, programs, and projects.
  • Compare different execution scenarios
  • Quickly run hundreds of thousands of project financial simulations to discover and understand risks
  • Align strategy, initiatives, projects, programs, and resources
  • Plan better as a team
  • Make better decisions

Powerful Cost Collection and Management Features

To truly analyze the costs associated with a project or situation, the ability to label, categorize, and segment the cost is important. cbCrunch allows easy entry of costs for quick, easy, and detail analysis.

cbCrunch allows the easy profiling of costs. Understand and organize deep analytics to find the most efficient path to your goal.

Easily enter and categorize your one time costs. Simply enter the date and amount.

Easily enter and categorize your fixed recurring costs. Enter the start date, duration, and amount. cbCrunch will take care of the rest.

Easily enter and categorize your variable recurring costs. Enter the start date and amount. cbCrunch will take care of the rest.

Easily enter and categorize your custom cost. Use the integrated intelligence engine to calculate complex costs. With cbCrunch, we make complex easy.

Cost Category Analysis

Sum and group selected categories for analysis.
Understand the total for specific categories in isolation or sum a group of selected categories for analysis

Rich Dashboard

View summary information and instantly understand your return on investment, total cost, total benefit, and other important financial information.
Use NPV to understand the projected value of money.