Financial Modeling

The Ultimate Planning Toolkit

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Understand cost and benefit. Control risks.

  • Support decisions with strong flexible financial analysis
  • Understand the financial needs to achieve your strategic goals
  • Minimize project, program, and portfolio uncertainty and risk
  • Quick high level or detail fine-tuned financial analysis
  • Currency adjustments
  • Quickly run financial simulations
  • Use financial simulations to discover and understand risks and cost sensitivity
  • Summarize cost and benefits at the strategy, initiative, project, program, or resource level
  • Organization and people financial modeling
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Discover.Plan.Decide.Monitor
Strategic Planning
Cost Sensitivity

Build cost and benefit uncertainty and sensitivity into your plans.

Analyze costs and benefits
Financial Model. Analyze benefits and costs

Understand risks, break-even, profitability, options, uncertainty, and sensitive financial factors.

Evaluate Oppurtunities
Make better decisions

Transform aligned data into better business decisions. Identify risk and uncertainty before initiating a project. Adjust and increase your success rate.

Align resources with goals
Align people, capital, and expenses with strategic goals

Understand the resources needed to execute strategic initiatives. Breakdown resource needs by roles and workstreams. Model people, capital, and expenses. Roll detail values into projects, programs, and portfolios.

Powerful Financial Modeling Features

Reduce Risk and Uncertainty

Reduce risk and uncertainity

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cbCrunch's Philosophy

The road to success is competitive, risky, and uncertain. We went into business to provide services that will minimize risk and provide visibility for decision makers. We believe in making the complex "ridiculously simple." We believe in building an extraordinary strategic planning platform with superior user experience.