The Ultimate Planning Toolkit

Strategic Planning Cost Benefit Toolkit

Optimize your strategic planning with the ultimate toolkit


Who We Help: You

Achieve your life goals with confidence? We can help.
cbCrunch will organize the information and activities of your life so that maximum available effort is applied to achieving focused goals. Identifying and mitigating risk and uncertainty is critical. We designed cbCrunch to excel in these areas.
Organize information and your thoughts so that cbCrunch can assist you to provide focus as you achieve your goals and major life events.
Use Cost-Benefit analysis to determine the most efficient implementation to achieve your goals, while minimizing and/or reducing risk.
cbCrunch is the ultimate goal achievement tool for you.

Discover and Understand Options

Understand the forces that will make you successful. Catalog and organize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Use SWOT analysis to guide you toward personal success. cbCrunch provides the ability to introspect and reflect on your current position. Use that information for your competitive advantage.

We operate in a hyper-competitive environment. Unlock your growth by discovering and working on the right capabilities to outperform competitors. Establish personal road-maps to survive and thrive.

Personal performance is only part of the equation. Individuals who excel understand external factors like the economy, compliance, social issues, and technology trends that may impact success. Understand and make the full equation part of your plan.

Use the discovery process to understand career opportunities. Set and establish strategic goals playing to your strength and eliminating your weaknesses.

Collaborate, Set, and Achieve your Goals

Our social collaboration framework empowers your team to contribute to the strategic planning process. Share documents, media, and information. Capture and discuss ideas. Get maximum strategic input from the people that know and drive your organization

Use the discovery process to understand the organization and business environment. Set and establish strategic goals using our proven best practices approach.

Brainstorm and organize initiatives to get from your current position to your goal. Collaborate with your team to get feedback and ideas.

Minimize Financial Risk

Drill deep into your cost. Eliminate waste. Optimize limited funds. Understand tangible and intangible costs. Apply Net-Present-Value to truly understand opportunity cost.

Measure benefits using Net-Present-Value. Separate benefits that are qualitative from benefits that are quantitative. Determine when a project, or program will deliver return on investment. We help you to determine if an investment is worth the effort and the level of profitability.

Cost and benefits are organized and reported using standard accounting formats. Plan projects and programs understanding cash-flow and its impact to your balance sheet. All entries are categorized by multiple types. Use the rich reports and dashboards to filter, summarize, and drill into specific costs and benefits.

Understand what cost and benefits have the greatest impact on goal uncertainty. Determine your acceptable uncertainty range. Track, monitor, and address risk and uncertainty.

In a Monte Carlo analysis, we run the same model — selecting a weighted random value between the best and worst case range for each cost/benefit — We do it hundreds of thousands, or millions of times. Each time it runs, we record the cumulative values. When the simulation is complete, we can look at statistics from the simulation' to understand the risk in the model.

Analyze your initiatives. Create different versions of your initiatives. Change some of the key features. Prioritize. Understand. Evaluate. Perform financial and resource analysis. Run simulations.

Cost and benefits may not be financial. For example, a government building a bridge may benefit from the increased quality of life of the constituents. A corporation's brand may gain tremendous qualitative branding benefit for its environmentally safe products. cbCrunch permits the consideration of qualitative and quantitative values in its cost benefit analysis.

The Ultimate Personal Planning Toolkit

cbCrunch embodies the best techniques and methodology that, through experience and research, has proven to reliably lead to better decisions and increased success. cbCrunch's commitment to using best practices make a volume of knowledge and technology available to you to ensure success.

Create different versions of an analysis to determine the best scenario for you. Quickly copy, move, merge, delete data from one version to another to create a project/program framework with reduced risk and uncertainty that will lead to your success.

Create projects as instruments to achieve your strategic goals. Track risks. Manage compliance during the planning process. Funnel workflow. Remove projects that do not meet the approval criteria.

Measure progress at key points in the journey. Provide feedback to indicate goals that are on-target, slightly-off, or require adjustment and attention. Use the roadmap to know what has been completed and priority items that are next in-line for activation and execution.

cbCrunch dashboards provide real-time information and feedback. Stakeholders and team-members have total visibility into projects, programs, portfolios, and strategic initiatives. This saves time, results in greater productivity, creates opportunity to adjust initiatives, and increase your chance of success.

Determine when your personal investments will be profitable. Understand how much time and how much financial resources must be expended to break even. Understand how much profit and what the return on investment will likely be. Use this information in your decision-making and planning process