Organization Modeling

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How It Works : Organization Modeling

  • Structure your org chart to align your strategic plan
  • Analysis that includes actual cost per employee/consultant
  • Actual cost includes taxes, benefits, and overhead
  • Employee profile with skills and location
  • Employee information and self-service
  • Organization and people changes with an effective date

Organization strategic efficency

Wise leaders examine their organizational model on a regular basis to ensure that it supports their strategic goals and mission. Successful models take advantage of the strategic goals and leadership style of current personnel to create a productive, efficient work environment with dedicated contributors
Best practices to create an organization model include evaluating the competition, studying key competitors to determine their organizational structure, marketing, management, and production systems.
Best practices also ensures that operations comply with industry standards and are monitored for compliance with federal and state labor, health and safety and other legal requirements.


Use the cbCrunch organization modeling tools to create your organization model.
Create different versions of the model as you brainstorm.
Business Function
Business function

Deliver value and profits with an efficient organization. Design each unit to contribute to that value. Understand your business functions. Create organization units that maximizes the produced value.

Org. Units
Org units

Model organization units with leadership, roles, and positions. Maintain multiple models and publish only one. Brainstorm and plan for future growth.

Real Cost

Manage your REAL human resource costs. Understand overhead, taxes, and benefits on a role, position, and organization level. Your organization chart feed into the financial analysis module to provide you with accurate human resource financial analysis.


When planning is complete, publish the model that best fits your goals.
Publish immediately or set an effective date to apply the changes

A published organization model is used by the organization to find people who can provide solutions and answers. It empowers your team so that issues are quickly addressed.

Roles and Positions
Roles and Positions

Align your organization with your strategic initiatives. Create roles and positions that empower your strategic initiatives and push you over the finish line.


cbCrunch dashboards provide real-time information and feedback. Have total visibility into employee related statistics. Available work hours, skill set, and other information. Greater productivity and insight. Opportunity to adjust resource roles and skills to increase your chance of success.