The Ultimate Planning Toolkit

Strategic Planning Cost Benefit Toolkit

Optimize your strategic planning with the ultimate toolkit


Manage and Plan Your People and Organization Manage and Plan Your People and Organization

Organization Planning is difficult. cbCrunch makes it easier.
Real-time Organization and People Information
  • Employee profile self-service to remove administrative bottleneck
  • Organization and people changes with an effective date
  • Planning and brainstorming for strategic alignment
  • Quickly search and find people by title, project, skill, location and more.
  • Contact information including location, floor, seat/office
  • Employee Skills and Interest for planning
  • Vacation approval and team calendar track availability
  • Managers approve or deny vacation requests.
  • Plan and understand project impact based on employee availability
  • Fully burden cost including bonus, employer taxes, facilities overhead, etc...
  • Import employee information from external systems

Powerful Features

Become efficient. Align plans with employee capability and availability.

Find Quick Answers to Organization Questions

  • Who do I ask about Billing questions?
  • Which office does Stevie work from?
  • How do I get to the Atlanta office?
  • Who is Mary's manager?
  • Does anyone play tennis?
  • I'm sick today—how do I let people know?
  • What's Matt's phone number?
  • How many people work on the Revenue Enhancement project?
  • Help! I need a developer.
  • Who is Mabel's boss?
  • Why isn't Sebastian in the office?
  • Do we have enough testers for next year's projects?
  • How do I get in touch with Marketing?
  • Who else went to Virginia Tech?
  • Who has a work anniversary this week?
  • Rob is working from the coffee shop this afternoon
  • What do people like to do outside of work?
  • I'm new here—what do I have in common with all these awesome people?
  • I'm meeting Bryan but I forgot what he looks like
Location information