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  • Strategy Goals3
    Projects Projects5
    Programs Programs3
    Portfolios Portfolio3
    CBA Costs/Benefits60
    Planning Group Planning GroupDefault
    Documents Documents100 MB
    People People10
    Org Division5
    Admin Sites1
    Discovery No
    Staff Planning No


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  • Strategy Goalsunlimited
    Projects Projectsunlimited
    Programs Programsunlimited
    Portfolios Portfoliounlimited
    CBA Costs/Benefitsunlimited
    Planning Group Planning Groupunlimited
    Documents Documentscustom
    People People5$per
    Org Divisionunlimited
    Admin Sitesunlimited
    Discovery Yes
    Staff Planning Yes

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Questions & Answers

What factors impact pricing?
We work with organizations to create a win-win situation. cbCrunch is vested in your success. Pricing and your value gain is an important part of that. Pricing is determined by the total number of team members, planners, projects, and storage requirements for collaboration. Training and consultation is included based on organization need. We can quickly provide different pricing options based on your organization needs.
What is the difference between Planner and Team Member?
A planner is actively involved in the planning process. They gather goal cost/benefit, risks, projects, programs, etc... A Team Member is a person who produces value for your organization. cbCrunch tracks team member availability, capacity, skills, and performance. This enables you to make efficient decisions on how to use your team. A planner plans and a team member executes the plan.
Do you offer discounts for large organizations?
Yes we do. We offer volume discounts. Additionally, to help innovation, we offer special discounts for startups. Please schedule a short conversation.
What if I need more storage for my media, documents, and images?
cbCrunch has a strong collaboration framework. We allow the sharing and archiving of documents, images, media, etc.. Some organizations generate documents and collaborate more than others. We allocate the appropriate space for all content and if your needs change, we dynamically add additional space.
Can I host a dedicated server in my data center?
Yes you can. Please schedule a short conversation.

Questions about Strategic Planning?

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