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Efficent planners do more with less. The best planners collaborate. cbCrunch has social team oriented collaboration tools at it's core. cbCrunch provides the information with a solid foundation. Process is important. With cbCrunch, industry best practices allow you to focus on your outcome and deliverables.
cbCrunch's Strategic Planning Toolkit contains the worlds best strategic planning engine.
  • Organize your strategy and goals
  • Understand and model benefits and opportunity cost
  • Manage your people allocation, project demand, and staff profiles
  • Model and analyze costs including tenders and RFP.
  • Manage portfolios, programs, and projects.
  • Compare different execution scenarios
  • Quickly run hundreds of thousands of project financial simulations to discover and understand risks
  • Align strategy, initiatives, projects, programs, and resources
  • Plan better as a team
  • Make better decisions

Powerful Features

cbCrunch is a Strategic Planning and Cost Benefit Analysis solution that addresses the major concerns of government decisions and planning. cbCrunch provides an integrated collaborative environment that will allow government decision makers to understand the distributed impact of projects and regulations.