We are serious about security from the ground up

Strategic Planning Cost Benefit Toolkit

Optimize your strategic planning with the ultimate toolkit

We Lock It Up

cbCrunch takes your security seriously. That's why we built cbCrunch with the same security technology used by online banks and financial markets. Then we added extra layers.
  • Organize your strategy and goals
  • Understand and model benefits and opportunity cost
  • Manage your people allocation, project demand, and staff profiles
  • Model and analyze costs including tenders and RFP.
  • Manage portfolios, programs, and projects.
  • Compare different execution scenarios
  • Quickly run hundreds of thousands of project financial simulations to discover and understand risks
  • Align strategy, initiatives, projects, programs, and resources
  • Plan better as a team
  • Make better decisions

Powerful Security Features

While the current acceptable standard is 128-bit TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption for sending and receiving sensitive information, cbCrunch enhances your data protection with 256-bit TLS encryption, treating your data as securely as your bank account.

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